Celebrate Christmas

December 3 in person. On-line  from December 3-31. ​

The ministries below represent ways to spread God’s love to those in need and make a real difference in the lives of people in our community and in the world beyond.

Gifts may be made directly to the represented ministry or you can give your gifts in the name of a family member or friend. Gift cards are available.​

Look through the organizations below and see where your ​gifts can do the most good.
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Ministry Descriptions for Foothills Christmas Marketplace 2022

Common Ground is a collaborative of three churches- Foothills, Shepherd  of the Valley, and Santa Sophia, working in support of elementary schools  in the Spring Valley community for more than 20 years. We provide a wide  variety of services including Christmas gifts, food boxes, clothing and  hygiene supplies, books for home libraries, bikes, and school supplies. We  also help with emergency needs as they arise. Your contributions support  our mission and make a real difference in the lives of the students and  families in our community.

Meals on Wheels 
is a nonprofit agency serving the community since 1960  and is committed to assisting elderly or disabled persons to live  independently in their own homes. Foothills provides volunteers for two  routes-one in El Cajon and one in Spring Valley/Lemon Grove, serving over  100 clients. Volunteers deliver nutritious meals Monday through Saturday  and offer much needed social interaction for the clients. Your gift ensures  wholesome meals will continue to be provided to those in need.

The Spencer Topham Foundation was created to encourage and  promote youth and youth programs that seek to create safer, more  harmonious communities full of informed and compassionate people. The  foundation’s namesake was a youth leader and camp counselor who lived  to serve others and always sought a way to better interpersonal  relationships, the local community and the planet. The foundation in his name provides camperships to local high schoolers, so they can attend  Camp Cedar Glen, and it also provides college scholarships to local United  Methodist Youth, who have shown an interest in positive social change.

EarthCare Ministry is a group ministry dedicated to educate and inform  the community on environmental issues. We engage in promoting active  and healthy involvement in our community, families and church. Your  donations will allow us to establish more community gardens and be able to  educate our community on how we can all make a difference if we work  together to address climate change. We are dedicated to serving our  community and providing opportunities to learn more about sustainability  and the benefits of caring for God’s gifts.

Foothills United Women In Faith “Turning faith, hope and love into action  on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.” is the vision of  the United Methodist Women organization. Foothills’ UWF raises funds for  local missions including The Good Shepherd Ministry Center, Good  Neighbor Centers, and Calexico Neighborhood House; and supports  worldwide mission projects in more than 100 countries.

Prayer Quilt Ministry provides comfort in the tangible form of a quilt tied  with knots to represent prayers lifted for the recipient. Quilt requests from  Foothills UMC members are available to anyone.

Volunteers in Medicine San Diego is a free clinic established in 2003 to  care for the uninsured. We are located in a modular building on the  premises of Chapel of the Valley UMC, at 1457 East Madison, El Cajon.  Donations are critical to our mission: Ensuring that residents of San Diego  County can access healthcare services and support. We are able to  provide medical visits and treatments, diagnostic tests and imaging with  donor support.Currently we have close to 100 volunteers, ranging from  medical providers and registered nurses to support staff.

Calexico Neighborhood House is a product of the Global Ministries of  the United Methodist Women. Calexico Neighborhood House provides a  comprehensive array of direct services in the areas of childcare for working  parents, case management, parent education, shelter for homeless women  and children, emergency food and utility assistance, micro business  support, and provides meals to children under the age of 18 throughout the  year.

Heifer International is sponsored by Kids Connect. Purchase a gift of a  farm animal to give in the name of a loved one and help children and  families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them  become self-reliant.

Guatemala Mission Project  

Your donations go to support mission teams traveling to Guatemala. These  teams focus on the construction and installation of fuel efficient stoves in  individual homes. These stoves provide a much safer environment for the  families.

The Good Shepherd Ministry Center 

The Good Shepherd Ministry Center’s mission is to create an environment  where we can provide spiritual connection, physical wellness, and  emotional stability using resources provided by church and community  partners. Please see below for all of the ways we are living out our mission at the extension of our campus in El Cajon.

Bethlehem Food Pantry 

Every Saturday morning, the Bethlehem Food Pantry welcomes more than 250 families experiencing food insecurity by providing a selection of  fresh produce, milk, eggs, and non-perishable food items in the market style setting. To meet the growing need, we have formed partnerships with  other area churches, Feeding San Diego, San Diego Food Bank, and local grocery stores, to supplement the generosity of the Foothills UMC  congregation.

Little Lambs Diaper Program 

The need for diapers goes hand in hand with food insecurity. Parents or  grandparents receive free diapers on Saturday mornings through the Little  Lambs Diaper Program.

Just for Ewe Adult Diaper Program
Adult diapers are provided to older Ewes (and Rams) with incontinence who need extra protection.

Good Shepherd Gentle Yoga Classes  

Complimentary yoga classes with a certified instructor are for everyone regardless of ability. Guests of the GSMC can enjoy the  benefits of gentle stretching and mindfulness in the newest addition to the  programming at the peace-filled ministry center.

Good Shepherd’s Community Learning Garden 

GSMC neighbors are growing their own produce in the new learning  garden. Time in the garden promotes healthful eating as well as fellowship with other gardeners.

Shepherd’s Closet  

This clothing ministry at Good Shepherd Ministry Center opens its doors on Saturday mornings to provide a boutique experience for those in need of  free clothing. Donations of lightly used and new clothing are always  welcome. Also, your monetary donations go a long way in keeping vital,  basic clothing items in stock.