Wedding ceremony
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Foothills United Methodist is a lovely setting for your wedding ceremony. We have a beautiful sanctuary and lush surrounding landscape. We offer a complete wedding package that includes:

  • A fully equipped sanctuary with a center aisle, sound system, custodial services, unity candle, two seven-branch candelabras and kneeling bench
  • Area for groom and groomsmen
  • A large Bride’s Room with make-up mirror and photography room
  • Full staff including minister, wedding coordinator, organist and audio/visual technicians
  • Complete ceremony planning with our wedding coordinator, pastoral staff and excellent vendor referral list
  • Reception facilities and a wide range of additional services are also available.
  • Spacious sanctuary holds up to 550 guests
  • Outdoor garden accommodates up to 40 guests
  • Two kitchen-equipped banquet rooms for receptions
  • Organist/pianist and audio visual technical support
  • Convenient parking

For further information, contact Krissy Baker, our Office Administrator at or (619)670-4009. We look forward to helping you plan one of the most important days of your life!


Your Wedding Ceremony

A Christian marriage is an act of worship in which the wedding party and guests share together before God. You are wisely choosing to ask our Lord’s blessings on your marriage and to have it sanctified by his Word and prayer. He alone has instituted marriage and is able to bless and preserve it. By asking Jesus to be present at your wedding you are beginning a marriage centered in Christ and his Word.

In planning a church wedding, there are certain customs, music and traditions which are appropriate and add significance to the Christian wedding ceremony. Whether you are a member or non-member, Foothills would like to help make your wedding experience one of the most sacred and memorable moments of your lives.

Foothills is a dynamic modern church that has both traditional values and a contemporary upbeat flavor. The sanctuary is spacious and bright and features a beautiful stained glass window above the altar, with seating for up to 550 guests. The church is ideally situated atop a beautifully landscaped hillside with a winding walkway and an outdoor fountain that are perfect for photographs.

If you are considering having your wedding and/or reception at Foothills, please contact the wedding coordinator to check available dates, get a facility tour, and discuss preparations and plans. The couple will then need to make an appointment to meet with the presiding pastor for two to three counseling sessions. The purpose of marriage counseling is to aid in deepening your understanding of marriage and to review the style, content, and order of the ceremony. The pastor can answer questions and offer suggestions, which will help make your wedding a deeply significant experience.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the church office.