Prayer Quilt

The Prayer Quilt Ministry (PQM), is founded on the idea that there is power in prayer to comfort in times of distress and need. The ministry makes quilts for anyone who is in need of this prayer and comfort. Every few inches on the quilt, a string is sewn in. On Sundays, the quilts are blessed by the clergy and the congregation ties knots in the strings as they say a prayer for the recipient. The knots, and the quilts, are a constant, tangible reminder that our thoughts and prayers are with them. The PQM includes about 15-20 women and men of Foothills and many others from churches in the community. They hold workshops on a monthly basis to discuss their progress and needs.

Quilt requests must originate from members or regular attendees of Foothills United Methodist Church and are free to anyone who is in need of one. The only requirements to receive a quilt are a desire to be a recipient and to communicate what is to be prayed for to our care team.

To request a Prayer Quilt, or for more information, contact ​Sue Ranck, call the church office at 619-670-4009, or submit a prayer request.

The Foothills United Methodist Church Prayer Quilt Ministry is chapter #3 of Prayers & Squares International. Prayers & Squares has more than 540 chapters in the nation, Canada, Australia, Kwajalein and the Marshall Islands. For more information on becoming a chapter, see the prayers and squares website.

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